Curated by Annette Kierulf
Text by Annette Kierulf
Text by Caroline Kierulf
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Catalogue essay, Momentum 2006

Above my desk hangs a picture of Nils Klim, in which, equipped with a boat hook, he is racing headlong down into the subterranean atmosphere. His story begins in 1665, when he falls into a cave on Mount Fløyen in Bergen. After a long descent, he lands in Potu, a kind of utopia, where all the inhabitants are trees – lime trees, oak trees, poplars, palms and thorn bushes – all mobile but at the same time standing at ease. In this society there is no distinction between high and low, and males and females are equals. Following his visit to this ideal state, Nils continues his journey to other subterranean lands, each more ludicrous and intolerant than the last.


(published in Be Magazin, # 11, 2004)

As a conclusion of my three-month residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, I put up an exhibition in my studio, entitled Local Connection. The invited artists, some from Norway and some whom I met during my stay in Berlin, were all practising some sort of site-specific connectivity. Some of the artworks in the exhibition could be labelled ‘relational’, others ‘new genre public art’, others still ‘institutional critique’, but all of them were ‘political’. I asked one of the artists, Arve Rød, about his project for the exhibition. (AK)

Thomas Kilpper in dialogue with Annette Kierulf
(published in Kunstjournalen B-post 2009)