Annette Kierulf

Annette Kierulf is an artist, writer and curator based in Bøvågen and Bergen. 
 Her work ranges across a wide variety of media, woodcuts, drawing, sculpture, artist books and installation. She uses visual art is as a means of exploring issues on ecology, place and conjunctions between language, humour and emotional issues.

One of Kierulfs´ongoing projects is Wood Cut as Cultural Critique, exploring woodcut and printmaking as discursive tools as well as aesthetic forms of resistance. The result of this research takes the form of exhibitions and publications. This project is a collaboration between Annette Kierulf and Caroline Kierulf where they make individual works within a common theoretic and thematic frame, and with a common artistic research aim: To explore ways of developing woodcut, one of the oldest forms of printmaking and information technology.

She is Co-Founder and Editor of Kunstjournalen B-post, an independent magazine with annual editions on contemporary art. Each issue discusses current themes through commissioned texts and art projects. The journal is printed in an edition of 4.100 and is supported by Bergen City Council, The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Fritt Ord,
Hordaland County Council and Norwegian Fine Artists Association.
She was the curator of the 4th Momentum - Festival of Contemporary Art, together with Mark Sladen in 2006.

From 1999 - 2007 she ran the art project By the Way in the centre of Bergen, a gallery space consisting of five large windows. She has
experience with public art commissions as consultant for KORO - Public Art Norway and Art for National Tourist Routes in Norway.

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